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0001681FSSCPFREDpublic2008-05-01 07:412012-07-01 21:09
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Product Version3.6.9 
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Summary0001681: Restrict arrival paths doesn't work when multiple ships selected
DescriptionI just went through setting arrival locations and restricting arrival paths for 66 ships. I selected 6 at a time and set the arrival locations and restricted the paths. Going back through to set arrival cues I looked and while the locations were updated the restrictions were not. Event ships that originally had path restrictions had them turned off after the editing.
Additional InformationTBP version of FRED 3.6.9 dated 3/30/08. Probably something similar to report
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2009-04-24 13:37   
The problem here is that the dialog takes no account whatsoever of multiple selections. In fact it's actually doing this at one stage

dlg.m_path_mask = &Ships[marked_ship].arrival_path_mask;

And the value of marked_ship is -1.

Fixing that bug by disabling restricted paths when using multi_edit is easy. Fixing the actual problem would require a rather heavy rewrite of the entire dialog (especially if you wanted to support tri-state switches for when you had a group of ships selected which had different selected paths).

I don't know what Goober wants to do about this but that nasty out of bounds error really should be corrected immediately.
2012-05-22 02:43   
Considering that most of the time multiple ships are not going to share the same paths, I restricted the dialog to only open for editing single ships.

Fixed in revision 8812.

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