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0001672FSSCPiffpublic2008-04-26 20:082008-04-29 23:17
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Summary0001672: 3.6.10 20080423 rev 4608 - Incorrect information displayed when targetinfo flag is enabled
DescriptionThe information enabled by the -targetinfo flag is incorrect in this build (problem introduced after taylor's XT0314 build).

Instead of showing ship wing name, number, and class, the info displayed repeats the class. E.g.:

Correct way (3.6.10 XT0314):

"Halberd 3"
"GTF Hercules Mark II"

Incorrect way (3.6.10 20080423 rev 4608):

"GTF Hercules Mark II"
"GTF Mercules Mark II"

This build simply repeats the ship class and fails to display wing name of ship number. This also occurs with capital ships, e.g.;topic=53511.0;attach=5625;image

Note that the actual target box in the lower left corner appears unaffected by the bug. The only affected information is that displayed by the -targetinfo flag.
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2008-04-26 23:33   
This was my fault, and I'm fairly certain I fixed it as of 4609.
2008-04-29 23:17   
Yeah, fixed. Silly little pointer messup of mine.

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