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0001669FSSCPgraphicspublic2008-04-21 21:322008-09-26 01:09
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Product Version3.6.9 
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Summary0001669: Inverted colors on screenshots/when paused
DescriptionWhen 3.6.10 (build below) is used in conjunction with 3.6.10 Beta MVPs, colors become inverted in some cases (mainly blue, red, and green) when game is paused, and on screenshots.
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has duplicate 0001668closed  Inverted colors on screenshots/when paused 
related to 0001760closed  Mainhall colors get messed up when exiting 
Attached Files? screen0007.tga (3,932,178) 2008-04-21 21:32

2008-04-23 03:03   
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I get this as well. I'm using an ATI x1950, running the game windowed.

To be specific, from my messing around in Irfanview it's exactly an RGB -> BGR swap. So just the red and blue.

2008-04-23 03:35   
It's a driver bug. There have been discussions in the forums about it before.
2008-04-25 20:54   
probably just need a command line option to change the screenshot behavior, much like the "Fix Geforce 4 font" in the days of yore.
2008-04-26 08:12   
Not really, it depends on the driver in use. I have an ATI xt1900 and screen capture function works for me.

I do have inverted colors when the game parses available missions in the tech room or when I pause the game...
2008-05-06 00:16   
There won't be a code fix for this, since the code isn't broken. And there really isn't a way to determine whether a particular video card or driver version is going to demonstrate the problem anyway, not to mention the fact that it's OS dependent as well.
2008-08-31 22:53   
A possible fix has been committed to SVN. If you suffer from this issue, open the launcher and under the "Troubleshooting" command line section, select the "Fix Color issues on some ATI cards" option.

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