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0001603FSSCPFS2NetDpublic2008-02-18 18:232008-03-20 18:08
Assigned Totaylor 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001603: 3.6.10 lobby problem when starting a channel name with "#"
DescriptionWhen doing the above, making a private channel starting with the "#" character, the game will end up in a permanent state of trying to join that channel, but never actually succeeding. Due to this, you are also unable to join other channels since you're already trying to join one.

The only way to clear it seems to be to quit the lobby and reenter. Other special characters do not seem to cause the same problem, nor does "#" seem to cause a problem when used in the middle or end of a channel name, only at the start.

Nothing relevant to the problem in either fs2_open.log or multi.log.
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2008-03-07 15:25   
Should be fixed in next build.
2008-03-15 10:56   
Confirmed, not a problem anymore. Tells you there was an error and aborts trying to create the channel, leaving you free to do stuff.
2008-03-20 18:08   

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