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0001568wxFREDpublic2008-01-11 18:202008-02-11 00:58
Assigned Totaylor 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
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Summary0001568: Error: Could not load in main hall mask 'MainScreen-M'!
DescriptionError: Could not load in main hall mask 'MainScreen-M'!

(This error most likely means that you are missing required 1024x768 interface art.)
File:D:\C++\Freespace\fs2_open 3.6.9\code\MenuUI\MainHallMenu.cpp
Line: 1106
[This filename points to the location of a file on the computer that built this executable]

Call stack:
    game_enter_state() gameseq_set_state() game_process_event() gameseq_process_events() game_main() WinMain() WinMainCRTStartup() kernel32.dll 7c817057()
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2008-01-12 00:48   
This is not a wxFRED issue. You should change the category to something more appropriate.

You should also state what build you are running, what mod you are trying to play, and what you were doing at the time. Failure to list any of these pieces of information will cause the bug to be closed.
2008-02-11 00:58   
No update from reporter.
Not a bug but an install issue.

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