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0000015FSSCPgraphicspublic2003-12-27 14:082006-10-26 23:34
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Summary0000015: Engine Glow Bug
DescriptionWhen your ship is at a complete stop, the engines should be fluctuating at a minimal glow, what I am seeing is a big frozen glow and no pulsing.
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2004-03-04 16:51   
This bug is far too unspecific. Is this with the standard thruster effect or Bobboau's new effect? And in certain cases this might not even be a bug. A screenshot would be helpful.
2004-03-04 20:55   
I think he just doesn't like there being any glow at all at the thruster when stoped, I do like it (and I'm not the only one), therefore I don't feel like changeing it
2004-03-07 15:03   
I don't think this is a bug, so I'm closeing it

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