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0001497FSSCPOpenGLpublic2007-09-08 22:242007-10-04 16:47
Assigned Totaylor 
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Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
DescriptionSince i upgrade from ubuntu feisty to gutsy, fs2_open (version seems not to matter) compilation arborts with:

graphics/gropengltexture.cpp: In function ‘int opengl_check_framebuffer()’:
graphics/gropengltexture.cpp:1825: error: ‘GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_DUPLICATE_ATTACHMENT_EXT’ was not declared in this scope
make[1]: *** [gropengltexture.o] Error 1
Additional InformationChecked the corresponding source sections and reading sth about GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_DUPLICATE_ATTACHMENT_EXT not being included in mac os' headers i simply tried recompiling with that section being commented (worked).

Then, assuming it's the right file, i checked /usr/include/SDL/SDL_opengl.h and had to wonder about it including GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_DUPLICATE_ATTACHMENT_EXT.

Attached my configure-/compile-log and my SDL_opengl.h just for the case u need it.

As gutsy is still in alpha-phase and this bug might flush until its final version i wouldn't let this bug drag too much attention (just wanted to have it reported).
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Attached Filesbz2 log+sdl_ogl_header.tar.bz2 (45,166) 2007-09-08 22:24

2007-09-08 22:57   
Yeah, this should work itself out, I hope. I avoid test releases of OSes, but I'll upgrade to Gusty as soon as it's finalized and make sure to check this as the first thing I do when I've got it all running.
2007-09-24 18:22   
It has been pointed out to me that this check has been removed from the spec, so it is in fact our bug. I'm going to get that fixed, and resolve this once the changes hit CVS.
2007-10-04 16:47   

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