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0001389FSSCPgraphicspublic2007-05-06 18:062007-05-25 19:14
Assigned Totaylor 
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Product Version3.6.10 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.10 
Summary0001389: No engine glow in HEAD-CVS.
DescriptionLike the title says: I have no engine glow in HEAD-CVS builds. Not long ago I had them...
There's nothing suspicious in the debug-log, but I'll attach it...
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Attached Fileslog fs2_open.log (1,035,400) 2007-05-06 18:06

2007-05-08 09:29   
Yeah I noticed this too. Thought it was a mistake I made with some tables at first. Then thought it was a bug I introduced in my new gliding code.

Just rolled back a test checkout to April 26 and the engine glow is still missing. So it's not MY code that did it (unless I did the rollback wrong). Jury's still out on 0001390 ;-)

I'll kind-of-look-into this, but not 'officially' yet as I'm not as familiar with thruster display code.
2007-05-09 05:47   
Follow up: The problem in question is introduced between April 12 and April 13, if I'm checking things out right.

Fixed my 0001390 sooner than expected. Nothing to do with this.
2007-05-09 07:15   
I think that I'm the only one that committed anything during that time. Most likely, if those dates are correct, it's just something that I missed adding to CVS 100%. I had reworked the texture page-in stuff for ships and models, but since that was all mixed in with the new texture replacement code (which isn't good enough to commit just yet), I haven't added the page-in rewrite yet.

If that turns out to be the case then assign this to me and I'll try and get the missing code updated in both branches in the next day or two.
2007-05-10 06:08   
k. As always, if there's some sort of busy-work type of thing you need done that doesn't require awesome code knowledge, please feel free to assign it my way. You work hard enough as it is ;-)
2007-05-23 18:26   
Just wanted to give a quick update: this problem is fixed, just waiting on CVS to work again so that I can commit the changes.
2007-05-25 19:14   

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