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0001301FSSCPgameplaypublic2007-02-24 08:212007-03-22 21:07
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Summary0001301: Interceptors vanished in Advanced Training /mantis/view.php?id=2
DescriptionI started the mission and I have no secondary weapon. When I played this campaign previously with the same built (3_6_9) all was fine. Now it is not.
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2007-02-24 08:47   
Made this mission a single player one rather than training, added weapons loadout with interceptors. Started the mission, entered loadout and found nothing except ML-16. have you corrupted my pilot file again? Is there any way to fix this without restarting the entire campaign? May be there is some utility to edit pilot files? If I have to restart campaign I'll really want to kill someone responsible for this.
2007-02-24 08:58   
Attach the relevant pilot files. All of the ones that I've seen so far didn't have any sort of corruption in them, it was just some strange code error that only appears to happen on Windows.
2007-02-24 09:03   
Here you go. I'll check earlier builts to verify if it is code error but even if it is so then like I said it seem happen not always
2007-02-24 09:15   
Checked November and October builts - same problem. Debug builts do not detect any errors. Can not check May builts - they seem to be incompatible with latest launcher
2007-02-24 10:29   
The pilot files appear to be fine. It looks like there is a code issue which is resetting the loadout data when you hit "Commit", which ends up removing the secondary weapons. It's something specific to the type of weapon though, since if I change it (in the mission file) from "Interceptor#Weak" to a standard "Interceptor" it immediately starts working fine.

I'm not yet sure if this is a tbl issue or a code issue, or a combination of the two, but I'll figure it out later today.
2007-02-24 12:27   
I've already tried to change Interceptor#weak to normal interceptor and problem persisted.
2007-02-24 12:37   
For me changing secondaries and primaries to anything changes nothing - I still have ML-16 and no missiles
2007-02-25 20:18   
(Last edited: 2007-02-25 20:20)
Alright, tracked this down to the exact problem. I've enlisted Goober to help double-check me, but I think we can deal with it properly. The problem basically comes from a previous bug fix, and a tbl issue in FSPort. It was eploiting a largely unknown Volition bug which allowed weapons to be used by the player, which the player wasn't allowed to use. That was fixed, but it broke this, and probably other, missions. An updated code fix is ready, just in testing before hitting CVS.

I'm attaching a new campaign savefile (replaced the one that you attached) which has the fixed loadout data for you, though I want to try and have a proper code fix to detect and correct this issue automatically. It should be able to work properly without the other code changes however, so you can just continue on in the campaign and we'll get the code fixed in a few days.

2007-02-27 05:49   
Try:, it should be fixed.
2007-02-27 16:54   
No. With original pilot files (not ones you attached) the problem is still there.
2007-02-27 17:14   
The new build only prevents it from happening, it can't fix files which are already messed up. Just go into the techroom and play a different mission in the mission simulator, but be sure to play something where you can adjust your mission loadout. You don't have to play that mission all the way through though, just get in and then escape back out to the mainhall. Then try to continue the campaign and see if that fixed it.
2007-02-28 05:55   
Done everything like you said: went to techroom, selected "Small deadly space", modified my loadout, started, quited, continued campaign. Problem still there - no interceptors. Tried all of it again but restarted freespace before continuing campaign. Didn't help. Only files that you have attached fix the problem
2007-03-07 20:22   
Playing freespace2 main campaign and this problem appeared again in TSM-106. Will you guess with one try what missile disappeared this time? :)
Attaching pilot files
2007-03-07 20:31   
Disappeared Harpoon is absent in tech room database also.
2007-03-07 23:23   
Considering that the Interceptor missile isn't even in FS2, I can only assume that it's NOT the one missing. The Harpoon would have the similiar problem for TSM-104, but would certainly not be an issue for TSM-106. Then TSM-104 problem is the exact same thing as the AT2 mission problem, but it has been fixed.

The Harpoon is only added to the techroom in SM1-03, which is before TSM-104. It is also not related to this bug in any way. You just have other issues with your pilot files, and there is nothing that we can do about that.
2007-03-08 10:30   
But what can cause this I wonder? In TSM-104 I had harpoons. And in tech room also. But when I started TSM-106, it vanished from loadout and from tech room. Very strange.
2007-03-08 16:55   
Argh. The bug has a different nature than the one that was fixed. Corruption happened when I was switching from one campaign to another and played missions from different campaigns. So it was partially my fault.
2007-03-22 21:07   

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