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0000013FSSCPgraphicspublic2003-12-20 00:082006-10-26 23:32
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Summary0000013: Slowdowns with each new ship
DescriptionIn game whenever a new ship arrives, there is a lag and then everything smooths out again. After the ship count grows, the performance hit gets greater and greater until when there are around 10 capital ships on the screen, the game renders at less than 1 FPS. Textures seem to flash in and out during the lag.
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2004-01-17 04:30   
Try htl mode
PLease supply system specs
2004-01-17 11:11   
I am using HTL mode, here are my system specs:
Pentium III 803 MHz
Asus CUV4X
GeForce 3 ti 200
SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
Windows XP
Latest version of DirectX
2004-01-18 11:30   
What flags are you using?
2004-01-19 03:24   
-htl -pcx32 -d3dmipmap -fps -t32
2004-01-19 08:39   
Note that this ONLY happens in HT&L mode.

Whenever something new is loaded up the game locks for 0.2-1 second - something that doesnt happen / never happened without HT&L enabled.
2004-01-19 13:06   
Could you describe 'Textures seem to flash in and out during the lag' in more detail?

Do textures flash to another texture? Garbage? Totally disappear showing background?

If possible a screenshot would be great.

Does this happen only in DX8 or OGL as well?
2004-01-19 17:19   
Oh, right; i forgot to mention that the texture flashing doesn't appear here.
2004-01-19 17:47   
I couldn't get a screen shot, but basically the textures disappear but the mesh is still visible as a solid color, the color of the ambient lighting. So if the general light in the mission is red, the texture will dissapear and be replaced by a face or multiple faces of a mesh colored red.
2004-01-19 17:49   
I should also point out that when using the Star Trek ships in FSO, my system runs out of memory and I've got it set to 1200 MB including swap file.
2004-03-22 17:45   
People seem to think this is fixed
2004-03-23 05:02   
well if that's what the people think

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