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0001185FSSCPgameplaypublic2006-12-28 22:332017-01-21 03:25
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Product Version3.6.9 
Target Version3.8Fixed in Version3.7.5 
Summary0001185: Red alert and docked player = BUG
DescriptionThe red alert bug, try this...

End of Mission 1:

-Cruiser 1 on fly, on escort list, 90% hull
-Freighter A 70% docks to Player 80% hull ->send red alert

Mission 2: Seted in freed to Cruiser 1, Freighter A, and player to 100% hull, player docked to freighter A.

-Cruiser 1 on fly... BUT ONLY THE NAME APEAR ON THE ESCORT LIST! and its at 100%, the ship is not ingame... the name is on escort list, but you cant target it, and you cant see it either.
-Freighter A... same as Cruiser 1.
-Player: Apears on fly and 80% hull.
Additional InformationThis happen which any build, incluiding RC8.

And I incluing an .rar a test-exsample, mini-campaing of this error.
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related to 0000530resolved Goober5000 Multi-Dock And Wings 
Attached Filesrar BUGTESTCAMPAING.rar (4,257) 2006-12-28 22:33

2007-10-21 19:55   
This doesn't appear to be a redalert issue, but a missionparse issue. That's not to say that there isn't at least a partial redalert issue here, since cap ships don't get their hull/subsystem state saved in the redalert data (can't fix it in code without breaking retail). But the bulk of the problem here appears to be the ships not being setup properly during mission parse, likely because of docking issues (wild guess).

Assigning to Goober, just to get his attention, and to verify that it is or isn't some issue with the missionparse code relating to docked objects.
2008-10-08 22:51   
I think it would be great if saving capship data were a mission/ai_profiles option. Also bumping to see if this is still an issue. If so would be nice to have fixed for next release, if not possible feel free to bump back down priority.
2009-03-10 17:28   
After talking this one over with Goober it seems more like a feature than a bug. shivansps is doing several things you probably shouldn't be doing with the player ship.
2012-07-01 23:28   
I just took a look at this, and the problem might run deeper than the docking code. I think it would be better to rewrite the entire red alert system. :-/
2012-11-19 18:34   
Deferring until after the 3.7 merge.
2016-03-23 06:02   
Bumping target.
2017-01-21 02:34   
There's several things wrong with the test campaign provided.

First of which, the campaign doesn't provide allowed weapons nor allowed ships. When attempting to load the mission with 3.7.4 and later, there are no weapons on the default player ship and none are available in the weapon pool, thus you can't actually test the mission without modifying the .fc2.

Second, and more related to the issue, is that all of the ships that have the red-alert-carry flag are only marked as such in the TS2 mission. In order for ship status to carry over between the source mission and the red-alert mission, the ship must have the same name and must have the red-alert-carry flag in BOTH missions.

I'll continue working on the issue.
2017-01-21 02:45   
(Last edited: 2017-01-21 03:23)
Well that didn't take long. Giving the 3 ships the "red-alert-carry" flag not only allowed me to load the mission, but it works _perfectly_. The player is initially docked with the Advanced Drone, and all ships are there.

So the next steps will be to put in safeties and warnings to notify the mission designer when conditions are not right.

[Edit] I've edited the wiki article on the Red-alert sexp to reflect its proper usage. Amusingly, the "proper" usage is the "bizarre" usage compared to the rest of the retail mission files.

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