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0001173FSSCPspeechpublic2006-12-15 10:532006-12-24 17:03
Assigned Tokarajorma 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.6.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.6.9 
Summary0001173: SetNotifyWindowMessage Failes on initialization. Causes voice recognition to fail to initialize.
DescriptionWhen using the -voicer extension in 3.6.9rc7dot9 there is no error message, but voice recognition does not function. However in a build that Karajorma posted on the forums (presumably a CVS build) topic link:,43912.0.html
an error message did crop up. The message was simple: Failed to SetNotifyWindowMessage and then a second "Voice recognition failed to init" and voice recognition functionality is lost.
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2006-12-15 15:02   
The init call probably just needs to be moved to below the screen setup (after os_set_title()) in freespace.cpp. I change various things to fix a bunch of bugs in the window handling, so it works a little differently now. The system may just not be in a fully sane state until after the graphics subsystem is initted.

Try moving that code block in question and let me know if it helps any.
2006-12-15 15:28   
(Last edited: 2006-12-15 15:33)
Tried it and it worked. Uploading a build for miskat

He can find it at

2006-12-15 19:57   
Issue resolved. No errors on startup and voice recognition works as intended. Good work, Taylor! =D
2006-12-20 05:46   
Assigning to karajorma so that maybe he'll commit the fix already and resolve this bug (3.6.9 is only a few short days from release ya know). ;)

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