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0001101FSSCPgraphicspublic2006-10-10 11:262012-01-09 13:06
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Summary0001101: Firing Kaiser UD-8 causes EXTREME slowdowns
Descriptionredmenace-20061008. Try missions like Exodus in main campaign, set both primaries to UD-8 Kaiser and fire several shots. Perfomance drops to 0.5 fps. If you stop firing everything returs to normal (until you fire again)
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has duplicate 0001154resolved taylor Particles Causing Slowdowns 
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2006-10-10 16:24   
Does this happen if you disable the media VPs?
2006-10-11 02:21   
More than a few people have reported MAJOR slowdowns in the main CVS branch when weapons fire. I've been too busy to attempt to track it down, but quite a few people have come to me about this the past month or so. They do say that it doesn't happen in 3_6_9 though, only HEAD.
2006-10-11 06:18   
Without MediaVP everything is fine.
This happen not with all weapons. I can fire Subach-HL7 normally, but Kaiser UD-8 causes slowdown
2006-10-13 08:47   
The problem seems to be in mp-710 patches (supposely in mp-710_effects)
2006-10-13 09:38   
The 710 patches shouldn't include any primary weapon effect updates. Nothing related to the Kayser is included.

They just contain...

glows and trails (the flak effect primarily)
the shield hit effect
the ship-damage particle spew
a couple of thruster glows

fixed missile autocentering with new IBX files

fixed hi-res nebula
fixed glow maps

I'm building plain CVS now though, so I'll see if I can find the problem.
2006-10-13 10:07   
Found it. WMC commented out the line which actually renders most particle effects. Because of this the batcher will just keep adding more and more items to get rendered, but since it never renders any, it never releases anything. It not only gets progressively slower but needs more and more memory every time some particle effect is set to be rendered.

Putting this on WMC to fix.
2006-10-16 08:12   
Check shockwaves also. I noticed similar slowdowns with them.
2006-10-16 08:12   
Also heavy slowdown with Triton envmapping
2006-10-16 08:56   
Those two things are unrelated to this bug. And both are likely related more to data issues that real code issues. They need to be filed as separate bugs, but wait until after you test with the next set of official MediaVPs before you open new bug reports for them.
Woolie Wool   
2006-11-03 12:30   
I STRONGLY urge the SCP team to give this bug top priority. It is universal, occurs frequently, and is very serious. It is definitely the most important bug I've seen in the latest builds.
2006-11-03 12:58   
Try sending a PM to WMC.
2006-11-03 14:06   

Reminder sent to: WMCoolmon

Goober5000 asked to send a reminder to you. This is very serious and annoying bug
2006-11-04 19:37   
This should be fixed in my local codebase. Redmenace asked me about it awhile back, and I suggested the same fix as taylor(0006882). I haven't heard any word back on whether or not that helped at all, but I made the change in my local codebase and have not noticed disappearing/laggy projectiles or particles.

I'll mark this as fixed if/when my code goes into CVS.
2006-11-30 23:45   
After consultation with WMC I've reverted the original commit that caused this problem.

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