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reliable_socket Struct Reference

Public Attributes

reliable_net_sendbuffersbuffers [MAXNETBUFFERS]
unsigned short ssequence [MAXNETBUFFERS]
float timesent [MAXNETBUFFERS]
int send_len [MAXNETBUFFERS]
reliable_net_rcvbufferrbuffers [MAXNETBUFFERS]
int recv_len [MAXNETBUFFERS]
unsigned short rsequence [MAXNETBUFFERS]
float last_packet_received
float last_packet_sent
ushort status
unsigned short oursequence
unsigned short theirsequence
net_addr m_net_addr
ubyte connection_type
float pings [MAX_PING_HISTORY]
ubyte ping_pos
unsigned int num_ping_samples
float mean_ping

Detailed Description

Definition at line 180 of file psnet2.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

SOCKADDR reliable_socket::addr

Definition at line 190 of file psnet2.cpp.

ubyte reliable_socket::connection_type

Definition at line 195 of file psnet2.cpp.

float reliable_socket::last_packet_received

Definition at line 188 of file psnet2.cpp.

float reliable_socket::last_packet_sent

Definition at line 189 of file psnet2.cpp.

net_addr reliable_socket::m_net_addr

Definition at line 194 of file psnet2.cpp.

float reliable_socket::mean_ping

Definition at line 199 of file psnet2.cpp.

unsigned int reliable_socket::num_ping_samples

Definition at line 198 of file psnet2.cpp.

unsigned short reliable_socket::oursequence

Definition at line 192 of file psnet2.cpp.

ubyte reliable_socket::ping_pos

Definition at line 197 of file psnet2.cpp.

float reliable_socket::pings[MAX_PING_HISTORY]

Definition at line 196 of file psnet2.cpp.

reliable_net_rcvbuffer* reliable_socket::rbuffers[MAXNETBUFFERS]

Definition at line 185 of file psnet2.cpp.

int reliable_socket::recv_len[MAXNETBUFFERS]

Definition at line 186 of file psnet2.cpp.

unsigned short reliable_socket::rsequence[MAXNETBUFFERS]

Definition at line 187 of file psnet2.cpp.

reliable_net_sendbuffer* reliable_socket::sbuffers[MAXNETBUFFERS]

Definition at line 181 of file psnet2.cpp.

int reliable_socket::send_len[MAXNETBUFFERS]

Definition at line 184 of file psnet2.cpp.

unsigned short reliable_socket::ssequence[MAXNETBUFFERS]

Definition at line 182 of file psnet2.cpp.

ushort reliable_socket::status

Definition at line 191 of file psnet2.cpp.

unsigned short reliable_socket::theirsequence

Definition at line 193 of file psnet2.cpp.

float reliable_socket::timesent[MAXNETBUFFERS]

Definition at line 183 of file psnet2.cpp.

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