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multiteamselect.h File Reference

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void multi_ts_init ()
void multi_ts_common_init ()
void multi_ts_do ()
void multi_ts_close ()
void multi_ts_drop (int from_type, int from_index, int to_type, int to_index, int ship_class, int player_index=-1)
void multi_ts_assign_players_all ()
int multi_ts_disabled_slot (int slot_index, int player_index=-1)
int multi_ts_disabled_high_slot (int slot_index, int player_index=-1)
void multi_ts_create_wings ()
void multi_ts_sync_interface ()
void multi_ts_handle_player_drop ()
void multi_ts_commit_pressed ()
int multi_ts_get_team (char *ship_name)
void multi_ts_get_team_and_slot (char *ship_name, int *team_index, int *slot_index, bool mantis2757switch=false)
void multi_ts_get_shipname (char *ship_name, int team, int slot_index)
void multi_ts_lock_pressed ()
int multi_ts_is_locked ()
void multi_ts_maybe_host_only_popup ()
void send_pslot_update_packet (int team, int code, int sound=-1)
void process_pslot_update_packet (ubyte *data, header *hinfo)


int Multi_ts_inited
int Multi_ts_deleted_objnums [MULTI_TS_MAX_TVT_TEAMS *MULTI_TS_NUM_SHIP_SLOTS]
int Multi_ts_num_deleted

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Definition at line 25 of file multiteamselect.h.


Definition at line 26 of file multiteamselect.h.

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void multi_ts_assign_players_all ( )

Definition at line 817 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_close ( )

Definition at line 665 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_commit_pressed ( )

Definition at line 2662 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_common_init ( )

Definition at line 497 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_create_wings ( )

Definition at line 955 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

int multi_ts_disabled_high_slot ( int  slot_index,
int  player_index = -1 

Definition at line 764 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

int multi_ts_disabled_slot ( int  slot_index,
int  player_index = -1 

Definition at line 694 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_do ( )

Definition at line 568 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_drop ( int  from_type,
int  from_index,
int  to_type,
int  to_index,
int  ship_class,
int  player_index = -1 

Definition at line 2279 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_get_shipname ( char *  ship_name,
int  team,
int  slot_index 

Definition at line 1743 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

int multi_ts_get_team ( char *  ship_name)

Definition at line 2520 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_get_team_and_slot ( char *  ship_name,
int team_index,
int slot_index,
bool  mantis2757switch = false 

Definition at line 1697 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_handle_player_drop ( )

Definition at line 1002 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_init ( )

Definition at line 480 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

int multi_ts_is_locked ( )

Definition at line 1056 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_lock_pressed ( )

Definition at line 1027 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_maybe_host_only_popup ( )

Definition at line 1062 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void multi_ts_sync_interface ( )

Definition at line 784 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void process_pslot_update_packet ( ubyte data,
header hinfo 

Definition at line 2892 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

void send_pslot_update_packet ( int  team,
int  code,
int  sound = -1 

Definition at line 2795 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 367 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

int Multi_ts_inited

Definition at line 159 of file multiteamselect.cpp.

int Multi_ts_num_deleted

Definition at line 368 of file multiteamselect.cpp.